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Came home from work, stripped down to my bra and sat on his face

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Sunday’s Session

I wanted to have a last session on Sunday, before I left.

From the shooting we had before I still had my feet cuffs on. The cuffs always give me comfort. After He undressed me and had a little warm up, He picked me up and put me on the bed.

We kissed and He started to spank me gently, as I wrapped around Him like a silky snake. I am a bit ashamed to say but I need the little moments of arousal in between the painful hits. That moments when His thigh, sometimes more accidentally than other times, gets stuck in between my legs and I end up squirming. Wrapped up around His thigh He can still hit my ass perfectly.

Suddenly He decided that it was enough of the cosy closeness. He told me to get on my knees and press my chest against the wall. A few bare-hand hits and He took the jackbootpaddle. How much I hate that paddle!

A few hits and I was a begging mess and made kitty noises. I hate when that happens! But I can’t stop it either.

The day before I complained how I didn’t have any long lasting marks since over a year. Which was…no good idea? He wouldn’t like that complain and I wouldn’t like the results!

The paddle is not much of a bruiser on my ass when it’s warmed up (interestingly enough through). So He got the cane. I crawled over the bed to where He was standing, wrapping myself around Him, still on my knees. I tried to convince Him not to use the cane. I whined and begged and “nonono”d, but nothing helped.

He wanted me to turn over and bend down. I grabbed a pillow and curled around it. It took just a few hits and I was back up, holding my thigh, since one hit went very low. He told me to go back down or He would hit my covering hand. And I did…after a lot of complaining and whining. My eyes started to tear up and my nose made me sniffle.

It didn’t take long and I was sitting up again and wrapped around His waist. I cuddled and rubbed my face all over His belly. He didn’t care . Softly He tipped the cane across my butt cheeks and told me to get back down. I shook my head and wouldn’t listen. So He hit a little harder. I decided it would be better to get down.

He proclaimed that the next hit was going to be as hard as He could. I was scared and hugged the pillow. The hit was horrible and I covered the hit place at once. As He hit me I had moved downwards, and the tip went down on my thigh. It hurt so much. Curling into a ball I sobbed, twitching and crying.

My hand was still on the hit, so He removed it and had a look. It was turning purple at once. He caressed the skin around it. Even 2 inches away it stung and hurt. He poked around delighted. Suddenly the wound even started to bleed.

This session left me mean marked. And I had to ride the train 2 hours after. Which was double mean.

But I survived. I hope He liked it and enjoyed my reactions.

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i am in love

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"The Man Who Lies" (1968) - Alain Robbe-Grillet

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There are few things more important

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Feeling very loved up on holiday!

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A helpful flow chart for those who may need some pointers in the matter.

Designed by Racquel Reichard :)



Shit got real, thank god for the paparazzi

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